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About Bob

Rest in Peace, Bob.

Video: snow on the mountaintop, fire down below

Bob was owned by Liz Dyer and Ken Horner (
Double Down GSPs in Centennial, CO) and was selected as the sire for the 2010 StumpTown litter because of his proven abilities, disposition, biddability, conformation, and record of successful prior breedings.

Bob photos courtesy of Clyde Vetter

NAVHDA Versatile Champion 200 Pass (2007), UT 204, NA 112
Whelped: 5/12/02 Height: 26" Weight: 69# Eyes/Teeth: Normal
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh
PennHIP: L: 0.15 R: 0.20 
BOB's Pedigree

From his first hunting season at 5 months of age to now, he effortlessly pointed and retrieved his limits of game. He showed intelligence and consistency in finding and handling wild birds, and made every moment spent in the field pure pleasure. At home Bob was a true gentleman. A striking black patched and roan dog, he was calm, respectful and affectionate, and never failed to win over even the toughest of customers with his charm.


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