StumpTown Kennel
German Shorthaired Pointers

About Diesel


NAVHDA Versatile Champion 194 Pass (2011), UT 198, NA 112
Whelped: 10/13/2004 Height: 26" Weight: 69# Eyes/Teeth: Normal 
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh 

Diesel is owned by Frank Espinoza 
in Lakewood, CO and was selected as the sire for the 2016 StumpTown litter because of his proven performance in the field, biddability, temperament, and disposition around the house.

Pro trainer Tom Swezey from Indian Brook Kennels trained and tested Diesel through his Versatile Championship, and says this:

"Diesel has a great temperament and is a great dog in the house as well as in the field.  He goes back to the best female I ever had which was from my first litter out of DC Hillhaven's Hustler.  This dog has it all and showed strong in every test I took him to.  He backs naturally with great style from amazing distances, has a strong duck search, and flew through his retrieve training."

We are excited about our Diesel x Blue Stumptown litter, due in April 2016.  Please contact us for more information. 

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