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About Mandy

Whelped: 4/23/2010 Height: 24" Weight: 55# Eyes/Teeth: Normal
Coat: Medium Dense/Medium Harsh
PennHIP: PennHIP: L: 0.19 R: 0.19
Mandy's Pedigree

Mandy was born out of the April 2010 Bob x Vida litter.  From her earliest days she demonstrated the most personable and sweet disposition among her littermates, and had a tremendous nose and was stylish in pigeons in the yard even at five weeks of age.  Mandy and all of her littermates were raised in our home with lots of socialization, human contact, and field exposure.  

Video: fieldwork at 11 months of age
Video: Mandy ("Yellow") and Vida

Mandy's owners, Steve and Crissie Swift (Yacolt, Washington), describe her this way:

Mandy is a sharp looking shorthair with a quiet  classy disposition.  Extremely well mannered at home, she rarely whines or barks, and chooses instead to communicate with her eyes or by bringing you something personal (boot, sock, underwear, gun case, hunting vest etc).  For all her good looks and affectionate behavior in the house, things are different in the field.  Scratched up ears, porcupine quills, and stitches are pretty good evidence of that.  Her nose and mind are always working.  This seems to fuel her energy level and ability to seek and track birds in tough places.  Her desire is tremendous and she is willing to push anything that looks like cover.   I use a beeper on her when hunting because she is often so dug in that I miss the action and the point!   Mandy continues to work out running birds, but definitely knows when she has them pinned down.  Shooting a wild bird over a classic point is pretty darn cool.  And finding someone's lost bird is a hoot.  NAVHDA testing promotes versatility, something Mandy exhibit every fall on wild birds, with productive work on ducks, quail and pheasant, and numerous water and cross-water retrieves.

Mandy is from a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award litter (Sire VC Briarwood's Ace II and Dam Sharp Shooters Stumptown Vida UT I).  Stumptown Kennel selected these dogs for both their hunting instinct and cooperation, combined virtues that go hand in hand.  Mandy's 2013 breeding with VC Spring Valley's Rainer is based on the same judgment and aspiration, and is expected to produce additional quality hunting partners that are part of the family.

So that is Mandy, trophy companion, hunting fool, and mother to be.

By the way, her favorite movie is "The Big Year," favorite song "I Like Birds," and favorite book "How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves."



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