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About Rainer

Rainer is owned by John Morgan (Issaquah, Washington) and was selected as the sire for the 2013 StumpTown litter because of his proven abilities, disposition, biddability, and conformation.

VC Spring Valley's Morgan's Rainer, MH, RDX
NAVHDA Versatile Champion 183 Pass (2012), UT 195, NA 112
Whelped: 6/8/2008 Height: 26" Weight: 67# Eyes/Teeth: Normal
Coat: Dense/Soft
PennHIP: L: 0.22 R: 0.22 
Rainer's Pedigree

Rainer is owned by John and Joyce Morgan of Morgan Creek Farms.  Rainer is a fourth generation NAVHDA Versatile Champion.  His 2008 litter received a Natural Ability and Utility Breeder Award.  A sign of his abilities and easy training, he passed all three NAVHDA test levels with a Prize 1 on the first try; he was the first in his litter to pass each test and he accomplished this with a first-time handler.  He also passed his AKC Junior, Senior and Master level hunt tests.  He received a Reftiever Dog Excellent (RDX) rating from the GSP Club of America.

Most importantly to his owners, he is wonderful around the house.  He has an endearing personality, is playful, energetic, has an affectionate temperament, is excellent around other dogs and is the ultimate snuggler at the end of the day.
Rainer shows a strong level of focus, cooperation and drive.  His testing performance demonstrates high levels of desire and independence coupled with obedience, he is a willing and cooperative partner in the field on his many hunt days.  He has a medium range search, adapting well to grouse hunting in Washington, pheasant hunting in CRP in South Dakota and the prairies of Montana.  He is equally at home in the duck blind or jump shooting pothole ponds.  He retrieves and backs naturally.  He has hunted wild quail, hun, chukar, pheasant, grouse, duck and geese.  In short Rainer is a truly versatile bird dog.  He is excellent at home, intelligent, cooperative, easy to train and full of natural ability.  



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