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About Vida

Rest in peace, sweet girl.
February 26, 2005 - December 9, 2010

We're so glad to have had the opportunity to live with, hunt behind, and love this great dog.  She was special and will never be forgotten.  We look to a future that is touched by having known her, and we have great hopes for her
five bright puppies.

Recent Accomplishments

VIDA did some good stuff in the year before her death.  Here's a short list:
Ran a solid Utility Test (Prize 1, 193 points) despite having been marginally trained (five field days) and handled by her owner. Had her first and only litter of puppies.  Passed the most advanced GSPCO water ratings test (RDX) as a walk-up with zero training days.  Hunted wild pheasants in North Dakota.  Most importantly, she brought her family lots of smiles and taught each of us a few things.  At just under six years old, Vi was into her prime years as a finished dog in the house, field, and marsh.
Video: Vida's Last Romp With the Pups
Video: Stop to Flush in ND

More Generally

VIDA was a sweet housedog and a smart, stylish, cooperative bird dog with high desire, strong prey drive, and excellent conformation.  Like most Sharp Shooters dogs, VIDA was pointing, retrieving, backing, and swimming at an early age. She was owner-trained through Utility in the
NAVHDA testing system.  VIDA received a maximum score in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, and earned a Prize 1 in the Utility Test in 2009.
Video: Vida's first run through the birdfield in 8 months (August 2010)

Sharp Shooters StumpTown Vidalia (Vida)
NAVHDA UT Pz1 (192), NA Pz1 (112)
Whelped: 2/26/05 Height: 24" Weight: 48# Eyes/Teeth: Normal
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh
OFA Good 
VIDA's Pedigree

This biddable dog was full of personality and energy and grew up hunting wild chukars in the canyons of Oregon.  She absolutely tore up the water and was tough as nails but was a fun and easy-training gentle dog.  Here's VIDA and Ruby when both were learning to be housebroken.  Success...eventually.

Montana Sharptails 2008

Not our first shorthair, but certainly the happiest we've known.  Vida had personality, style, desire, cooperation, athleticism, and bird-craziness aplenty.

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