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About Blue

Whelped: 4/23/2010 Height: 23" Weight: 43# Eyes/Teeth: Normal
Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh
PennHIP: L: 0.21 R: 0.21 
Blue's Pedigree

Blue was the second puppy born out of the April 2010 Bob x Vida litter.  We picked her for her boldness, independence, beautiful black roan coat, and various other reasons better explained by two grade-school aged kids.  After her first wild bird hunting season, we're very happy with this silly little puppy.  Like all of the other pups from that litter, she's well-suited to the family that picked her and in many ways she picked us too.

Blue and each of her littermates were raised in our home.  Vida was an excellent mother and was allowed to nurture and interact freely with the pups.  Our daughters handled and helped care for each of the puppies on a daily basis, beginning with hands-on at whelping.  We introduced all of the puppies to field, water, and pigeons beginning at five weeks of age.  We continued exposing Blue to the field and marsh regularly all summer.  The videos below illustrate that steady field exposure and development: birds, tracking, gunning, retrieving, swimming.  By October (six months old) we had a capable young bird dog that already had dozens of birds shot over her points.  Here's Blue on her first wild bird hunt, in North Dakota: VIDEO 1.

From her earliest days in the whelping box, Blue was the puppy that found her own quiet space and was first to seek out the crate on her own.  True to those early signs,  Blue continues to show independence and boldness.  She's inquisitive, happy, social, learns quickly, and is by far the calmest house-puppy we've ever had.

In terms of natural abilities, Blue is a good expression of our breeding goals: confident, great nose, high prey drive, stylish points, a natural retriever, bold in the water, a tough but easy training and handling young dog.

Here are some photos and videos of Blue's first year.

Video: Blue at 12 weeks
Video: Blue at 14 weeks
Video: Blue at 19 weeks (Part 1)
Video: Blue at 19 weeks (Part 2)
Video: Blue at 20 weeks (tracking)
Video: Blue at 20 weeks (independent swim)
Video (Oct 2010): Blue on ND pheasants
Video (December 2010): Blue Learning Self-Control (sort of)
Video (January 2011): Late Season Chukars

June 2011
Congratulations Abby (10 years old) and Blue (13 months old), earning a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1 maximum score


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