StumpTown Kennel
German Shorthaired Pointers
Buying a StumpTown GSP Puppy

Care and Socialization

Our pups are whelped and raised in our home and they are handled daily from birth. They are extensively and safely socialized with people and other dogs and exposed to car rides, crates, gunshots, stairs, tunnels and a variety of different footing surfaces, sounds, places and things.

Beginning at birth, we spend a lot of time each day handling the pups, and as they grow we carefully observe their behaviors and social interactions to gain an understanding of their individual personalities. As time goes on, we continue to observe each pup's reaction to new environments and situations, as this provides great insight into that pup's personality and disposition.

Prior to accepting a deposit we spend time getting to know the buyers and learning about their experience, personalities and goals. We always try carefully to select the pup(s) in the litter that are most suitable for the family seeking them.  If the litter does not have a pup that we feel is a good match, we will offer the buyer his/her choice of either a refund of deposit, or a transfer of the deposit to a different litter.

We will not sell a pup if we are not confident that pup and owner will both be happy with the arrangement. Because we are breeding outstanding, proven GSPs, each buyer gets the "pick of the litter."  We do our best to ensure that each person receives the pup most suited to his/her lifestyle and situation, and each pup is placed in the home that will best meet its needs to realize its potential.

Cost, Warranty, and Contract

Puppy cost will be determined at the time the litter is planned.  
Pricing is based on our real costs associated with the breeding, as well as pre- and post-whelping veterinary testing and care.  We do not make money on these litters.
  • A deposit is required to reserve a puppy. 
  • Deposits will only be accepted from individuals who have already completed our interview and screening process.
  • All StumpTown pups come with a written 24 month Limited Health Warranty and Lifetime Breeder Support.  A written contract is also provided to establish clear expectations and responsibilities for both StumpTown Kennel and for the buyer.
  • Each StumpTown litter is registered with AKC and NAVHDA, and we will provide new owners with all necessary pre-paid paperwork for individual dog registration with AKC and NAVHDA.
  • Preference is given to hunting homes.  Our puppy fee includes our commitment to reimburse owners for their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test entry fee (typically about $100-$120) or similar field performance test.
  • All StumpTown pups will have tails docked and dewclaws removed at three days of age.  Pups are vaccinated according to age and permanently identified with a microchip before going to their new homes.
  • StumpTown Kennel claims a Right of First Refusal on all pups we breed, for the lifetime of the dog. This means that if for any reason an owner is unable or unwilling to keep their dog, we must be contacted before any action is taken and given the opportunity to take back the dog.
  • We promote responsible breeding.  StumpTown pups are not sold with a formal breeding restriction, although our written contract requires owners to satisfy field performance and health/CHD testing criteria and to consult with us regarding breeding suitability.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.




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